Caleb has over 26 films under his belt and is SAG-AFTRA Eligible. Some of his credits include The Chickasaw Rancher, Don’t Say My Name, To Be a Soldier, and Mount Hideaway: Heartache and Homecoming. When he's not busy acting or working crew on films, Caleb is hard at work living the cowboy life. Not only is he a professional horseman, team roper, and horse stuntman, he is also a talented songwriter and musician. Caleb will be writing and performing original songs for each episode of this show. Meanwhile, his gift for storytelling and his cowboy expertise has led to an invaluable collaboration on the script for Sunset Trail!  

Stacey is an award winning actress with 50 film projects on her resume, including Unplanned, Touched by Grace, Sleeper Agent, and the Vindication series. She has been a cowgirl at heart since she was 10 years old. Stacey started writing western stories in her teens and has written screenplays off and on for 10 years. Recently, she wrote an award winning short film called Pilgrim, and co-wrote a feature length murder mystery called Mount Hideaway: Heartache and Homecoming, in which she also co-starred with Caleb Martin. She is thrilled to bring her childhood dreams to life as she writes the script for Sunset Trail!

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An original western series currently in development.

Featuring wholesome values, Sunset Trail is a classic tale of adventure, mystery, and romance for the whole family to enjoy!

Pilot Synopsis:

Despite warnings to stay away, a drifting cowboy goes looking for a job at the Double O Ranch. After a run in with the attractive young boss, he joins her fight to defend her home and family from a greedy neighbor and a series of mysterious attacks on the ranch. When his new boss goes missing, the cowboy must race to figure out if the neighbor is behind it, or if there is a deeper plot to uncover.

Meet the Creators and Co-Stars of Sunset Trail

Stacey Bradshaw



Stacey Bradshaw and Caleb Martin both grew up loving the classic western films from the 1940’s and ‘50’s. They have teamed up to create a western series influenced by their hero -  Roy Rogers, the King of the Cowboys

Stacey and Caleb created the story together and will co-star in the series. Stacey is writing the screenplay and Caleb will be writing and performing original songs for each episode.

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